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Akashic Sessions

"The soul has been given its own ears to hear things the mind does not understand."  ~ Rumi

Akashic Sessions are a powerful and effective healing modality that can address unresolved issues preventing us from moving forward in a healthy way and living a full life. Trauma, blockages, limiting beliefs, detrimental conditioning, etc., negatively impact us in every aspect of life; and we all carry this type of dross to varying degrees. Accessing the high-vibrational consciousness of the Akashic Field, i.e., the Biofield, not only helps identify the root causes of these issues, but can provide insight about shifting and healing them. Readings provide a soul-level perspective of life, and in so doing, clarity about what "is" and why. They are also conducive to strengthening the connection with our Guides and Angels. These light beings know us better than we consciously know ourselves and are our True North in rediscovering the truth of who we are both as individuals and as a collective. You always receive exactly what you need in a reading, but never more than you can assimilate. Therein lies the power of an Akashic Reading. 


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I have worked with several intuitive healers and light workers over the years and Erin is, hands down, the very best I have experienced. Through the communication from my guides and the clearing that she did in my records, I was able to walk away from several toxic relationships with absolute acceptance and love. She is incredibly accurate and her intuition was spot on, but what I most appreciated was her incredible gift around integrity as well as having such a loving presence with the reading without it being ego-centered or judgmental. This, in my opinion, is a rare gift for a healer. I now feel a firm and stable trust in Spirit again and an overall feeling of well-being and acceptance of who I really am. This also opened up a whole new way of relating with my husband and partner of 20 years that is much more trusting, open and connected. Thank you so much Erin—what a gift you are!

Jess T., Oregon


In preparation

"Man is so made that when anything fires his soul impossibilities vanish." ~ Jean de La Fontaine

People are guided to Akashic sessions for various reasons—some have questions, others are following an intuitive urge. If it's the latter, it often means that your Guides have a message for you. If you have questions, I suggest narrowing them to 3 or 4 that feel the most pressing. Sessions are about gaining clarity via Divine insight and are rarely predictive; so, to make the most of your time, avoid questions that begin with "when" (e.g., When will XYZ happen?) For the session, find a quiet, private place where you can speak freely. I perform all readings via a locked conference call line. Local numbers are available for most countries so there will be no cost to you.


 US $185 / 1-hour

US $510 / 3-pack 1-hour sessions (save $15 per session)

My schedule is on Central Standard Time

Please e-mail me at for scheduling and payment options. Cancellations require 24-hour notice. I understand that life happens, so we can simply reschedule for the first cancellation. The second cancellation is 50% of the session price, and thereafter is the price of a session.

I very much appreciate your understanding and I look forward to working with you!


Hi, I'm Erin Burke and here's a bit of information about me. I've been working with the Akashic Records for almost a decade having discovered this alternative modality as a means of healing from traumatic events in my own life that were keeping me stuck; which is a massive understatement. I was mired in misery and pain having searched (what felt like) every crevice and nook of the Universe for an egress out of the darkness. Working in the Akashic Field has proven such a boon in my journey back to me, back to the Divine, that I now use my experience and unique connection with the Akasha to help others.

With regard to formal  education, I earned a BA in Journalism with a minor in English Literature. I presently freelance in both writing and broadcasting realms, but worked for a decade as a magazine editor for non-profit, healthcare company in Chicago. As part of my ongoing education, I seek out books and classes on such topics as energy healing, Quantum physics, plant medicine and organic chemistry.

Oh, and I absolutely love animals. In fact, Maude the Super Cat is typically present during sessions (she's very discreet). Animals absolutely love the energy of the Akasha. I read records for them as well—they are so very wise and have the most interesting insight!

I was interviewed as part of the 2023 August Acceleration Series for the Alliance for Natural Health International. Please click here if you'd like to hear it!


Maude the Super Cat,
alias, Badass Dirty Girl
16" x 12", 14 lbs of pure fury.
WANTED for solicitation and selling nip to minors.


"Those doing soul work, who want the searing truth more than solace or applause, know each other right away."
~ Rumi



"The soul is born old, but grows young. That is the comedy of life." ~ Oscar Wilde

I included this section because, in my own quest for support, I encountered far too many "healers" who had absolutely no concept of, or concern for energetic boundaries. Like so many of us, I wasn't taught the critical importance of maintaining energetic boundaries, so I allowed it to happen. After these encounters, I always walked away with a heavier burden of energetic shit than when I began the session. It took a few lessons, but I eventually got the message: My birthright as a sovereign, Divine being is that my Universe is mine and mine alone; as is yours. No one has the right to venture into someone else's energy field to manipulate whatever suits their fancy. To do so is harmful, disruptive and counterproductive.

During a session, energy will move, but not due to my interference. It does so by default of being in the high-vibrational plane of the Akasha, and because your Guides and Angels are moving it. Ensuring the energetic health and integrity of my client's field is of the utmost importance, which is why I make a concerted effort to ensure our fields never intersect. As well, what is discussed in a reading stays in the Records, never going any further. It's an imperative that my clients feel safe speaking freely and openly about whatever they need to discuss without fear of judgement or repercussions.


"The living soul of man, once conscious of its power, cannot be quelled." ~ Horace Mann

What are the Akashic Records?
Every sentient being in existence (animals, too) has an Akashic Record, i.e., a record of the entirety of their existence in every lifetime. In other words, everything you've ever said, done thought, etc., is captured in your records, which is a record of your soul. A Sanskrit word for ether, the Akasha is a higher plane of consciousness that is omniscient and omnipotent; and when we connect with this field, we are communing with the pure, unconditional love of Divinity.

How will a session benefit me?
Akashic sessions provide clarity by dissolving the blockages, limitations and belief systems that skew our discernment and throw us off balance. What ensues is deeper self awareness that becomes cumulative—the more you clear, the deeper your connection with your true inner self.
   Sessions also can address burning questions to which you’ve been unable to find answers, as well as guidance from your Angels and Guides about how to deal with and/or rectify said issues to move forward in a healthy way. There are two immutable facts that occur in a session: 1. You will always receive the truth; and 2. You will always get what you need, but never more than you can assimilate.
   Stuck, stagnant energy moves by default of being in the high-vibrational space of the Akasha and also, because your Guides and Angels are moving it. I am never in my client’s energetic space and will never manipulate your energy field—that isn’t my role. In fact, I take great care to ensure healthy energetic boundaries for the sake of th
e client's field integrity and mine as well.

What happens during a session?
I first need to underscore that I don't dictate what transpires in a session—that's the job of your Guides and Angels—so, I can't predict what will happen beforehand.

To open your Records, I first ask your permission and use your full, legal name to do so via an invocation. Your Guides and Angels then communicate with me in various ways, including symbols, specific verbiage, bodily sensations, etc., to provide answers to the questions you’ve posed. As I stated before, an important aspect of being in the Akasha is the necessary movement of stuck energy. This often starts happening before we access your records and will continue after the reading has ended with a duration that’s based on your needs. Most clients experience continued energetic assistance anywhere from one day to several weeks after a session. I guide you through the entire process and explain, beyond just answering your questions, what’s occurring with energetic shifts and anything else your Guides and Angels have to share. It is possible that Loved Ones who’ve passed on could be present; but, this is only of their own accord. I’m not a medium and will not summon the deceased.

How do I prepare?
Think of 3 to 4 questions that you’d like to ask prior to the reading. If you have none, that’s fine, too, as the purpose will be revealed during the session.
   Find a quiet, private place where you can speak freely, honestly and openly about whatever you need to discuss. I perform all sessions via a locked, conference call line (local numbers are available for most countries so
there will be no cost to you) where only myself and the client are present. Avoid alcohol or anything else that muddles the mind.

How often should I have a session?
That depends how quickly you want to shed layers and move forward. There is a certain amount of time post-session that’s necessary to process shifting energy, downloads and information that you’ll receive. But, processing can continue indefinitely, if you allow it. At some point, if you don’t move beyond the information you’ve been given and continue forward with the advice of your Guides, it’s possible to become stuck and even regress. Think of it as moving from one room to another. As you shed layers of dross, another door will appear. Should you opt not to open this door and step into the next room, there is no forward momentum or progress. But, the decision, of course, is ultimately yours and I always recommend listening to your intuition.

Are Akashic sessions non-denominational?
Absolutely. Every belief is welcome, including atheism.

I have heavy baggage and issues…
Many people do, and the immense burden of these are often what lead people to a session. In fact, many of my clients have endured significant, life-altering traumas and are living with serious illnesses. Don’t worry about the extent of the weight you bring to a session, focus on allowing it to be released. There is no load or topic too heavy for your Guides and Angels.

How do I schedule a session?

Please e-mail me at when you're ready to book and I'll respond with available dates and times. Once you choose a time, I'll invoice you either via Square or PayPal (depending on where you are in the world). To reserve your spot, please ensure payment is submitted upon receipt of the invoice.

Can I gift a session?

Yes. But, I recommend first asking the individual if an Akashic Session resonates with him/her. If the person is unfamiliar with this work, feel free to forward them to my Web site.

Thanks and I look forward to working with you!








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